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Personal coaching services of mindfulness, stress management, anxiety management, and anger management for your Life

“Don't spend the optimal years of your life in dysfunction any longer”

Patricia McNeilly

Join Us!

Every month we host Live Events

Every month we host live workshops, on Mindfulness, Anxiety Breathwork, Stress and Anger Management.  The workshops offer a supportive group environment for your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Manage Anger For Working Parents

Are you stuck and seeking a emotional wellness, a new pivot point in your life?

Stressed by work or your business?

Need help with stress and anger in your relationships?

Do you suffer from anxiety as a result of stressors?

We beleive with health all areas of your life improve.

Learn how to get back on track with breathwork and the techniques of our modality

Click below to learn ten tips to help you!

Image by Daiga Ellaby
Spiritual Woman
“Come and join an educational and fun environment. Patricia knows her stuff!."

Michelle A.

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