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The Four Alchemy Points from 5D that manage the Systems of your Body and bridge your Energy Body from 5D to you, is how we Integrate you.  "SYSTEMS & ZONES" 

We have the method to Integrate your new light body in order to Ascend.  Your Ascension made easy with





We know this is New, but we've been doing it since 2012 for others.  We have a modality and method to gradually "swap in" your New Light Body [Etheric Body] and discard the "old version" of yours. 

I started Four Zone Healing with the goal of helping others the way I wished to be helped at the beginning of my journey.  I have been doing this work for 12 years before realizing...I was onto something.  Not only was I assisting people in obtaining excellent results during their energy session, but I was also doing something else.  I had answers...answers for "long covid symptoms", for women's menstrual cycles, for anxiety, fibromyalgia and on and on!  I knew things the medical community did not.  I am an Intuitive and a Healer.   I could take the combination of my Intuition, my experiences, my Premedical and biomedical education, plus 10 years of client sessions, to new levels.  I was able to segment what I had learned into zones of the body.  This made it so much easier for healing and energy work into four easy-to-understand sections of the body.  It's that simple!  Read on and enjoy!



Not only are we Intuitives, We aim to increase your Immunity, your Energy, and your body's natural ability to heal itself instead of letting you linger in inertia, fatigue and wondering if this will become a chronic condition.

We provide a living bridge between your "Energy body" which is your Etheric body, and we will teach you about this, and the inner part of the human body which sometimes requires medical care, medicine or just check ups. We hope you will join us.

Please see our materials for a lengthier explanation and get our free ebook on dealing with Covid. Can we do this online? yes! we can and we meet via zoom.

Whether or not you have covid, become ill with it during the pandemic, had the vaccine, or no vaccine, this class is for you if you suffer from:

  • Breath "issues" such as labored breathing, unable to catch a deep breath or feel satisfied

  • Insomnia - waking up multiple times, restless sleep & dreams

  • Heart palpitations, or jiggles in your chest, racing heart etc.

  • Congestion which lingers

  • Heavy heart

  • Fatigue which seems chronic or is post exertion fatigue

  • Changes in your menstrual cycle ( for women) change in hormones

  • Changes in your libido and strength, for men and women

  • Feel tired of your life, say things to yourself such as "I hate my life" but wonder why

  • or you feel out of energy most days and that you are waiting for it to return but its been a longer time than just having a cold.

We meet via zoom, and all sessions will be recorded so that if you miss one, you can keep up.

We do encourage participation and we welcome questions, we answer them live on the spot with our intuitions. We do not hide behind false fluffy names or the screen we are right on there, and have been where you are!

Our Techniques use the natural Energy and etheric body, and we will guide you, it is non invasive, non toxic and we will guide you on what to expect each time.

Warm Up on the Beach

We know you're not Crazy!  

We are Energy Experts!
its what we do!

Four Zone Healing™  - I have developed my new modality over a course of 10 years.  It is specifically guided and designed to help you easily with Ascension and Integration of your New Light Body & Chakras.  

Healing, Life, Health and Wellness, and all related topics. 

We are experts at it!

We provide you with solutions and expert sessions with energy healing. Using your Etheric Body is THE ANSWER, and perfectly complements your medical team and wellness providers.

Ascending you to your New Life!
Mental Health, Emotional Well Being managed from a 5D Level
Digestive, Endocrine, Reproductive
Chakra Systems to your human body
Immune System Upgrades

expert sessions with energy healing.

Unified Energy Field

A Unified Energetic Field that vibrates higher than ever before!

The things that affect humanity, which we call illness are actually broken areas of the Etheric body connections to our physical human body, and the internal molecular structure.


This structure, the molecules of a human body, have its origins in the earth, but the same elements here are found throughout the cosmos. Everything is therefore interconnected and provides a unified energetic field for life. This is why, even seemingly inanimate objects comprised of organic matter or non organic matter can seem to vibrate, have a color spectrum and can be felt. Your own physical energy field can feel them.


Now, if we take this a step further to include your five senses, sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch, a human being can also sense qualities about this unified energetic field. You can feel nuances in temperatures, barometric pressure or smell trouble such as a fire nearby.  


Therefore when aligning with a much higher vibrating unified energetic field, the ascent can be very turbulent for a person. this is why we have created the Four Zone Healing modality. The zones mean that each section of the body, and the cooperating or managing zones will be upgrading to match and elevate to the new vibrational level of the Unified field. This field contains love energy, but it is not always love as we think of romantic love. It is contributed by all those people who are able to elevate. This is why love, must include other parts of what it truly is, such as caring, compassion, concern for self, affection, sincerity, moral goodness, and this is why humanity is evolving. To rid itself of past wrongs, harms, conflict and cataclysms.

Unified Field and Your Heart Chakra - Zone healing works !

Your Heart Chakra will expand, and this will be due to the incoming energy. The energy in and of itself does not expand a person, however the possibility of becoming ill, with ascension sickness, does exist. It is up to the individual to address it.  


Everyone has had a past, an ancestry, even if you do not know what yours is or who your ancestors are.


In addition to this, the Fifth Dimension is where much strife and conflict has already occurred, having issues from another dimension is something that many medical providers cannot account for.


The chakras serve a purpose, the name means “energy wheel” in ancient Sanskrit. However their purpose is now in a state of expansion, worldwide, and yet people do not know. The real purpose is the aspects of love which do protect, deflect and generally care for the person’s well being.  The Chakras intake and modulate as well as distribute "energy" along and inside your body.  Furthermore, you can include the connections for love which double the strength of chakras and feeling loved.

We have sectioned off the body into zones which do modulate the body's systems but using the higher vibrational energy which rejuvenates them and can actually grow new tissue.  At Four Zone Healing we persist with "MEDICAL ASCENSION"  which is very new, but also ancient.  Try our services for chronic conditions, things that run in your family and more.

Not to forget.....LOVE too!



Learn More


Using your own Energy Field to Intuit, Heal, and set you free!

Helping a person, Integrate their natural higher level 5D (Self) & energy, harness it for healing, and use their own Etheric (energy) body to do so. 

Imagine if you will, a vehicle, but its YOUR vehicle, its gotten dated, or obsolete, not due to aging, but to the worn out stuff of the ages.  Imagine that there actually is a new vehicle with a New Structure, a New Blueprint for living, because it cannot hold, illness, hard feelings, despair, suicide, depression angers and hatred.  This is my calling.  For years, I have been a useful source of motivation, help and advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started Four Zone Healing™ to help you integrate your new Etheric Body, connections and energy.  Helping you with the process of your healing and life changes.  topics that are near and dear to my heart. Take some time, explore the website and videos. Read on and enjoy!



Have a session to feel better now

Ascension and awakenings are happening worldwide....but can seem very strange! Full of aches, pains, symptoms and medical teams do their best...yet, do not always know "why", yet we do!

We specialize in the Integration of your new light/energy body, the Etheric Body, which is felt, but not seen by human eyes.  Receiving your own source-level energy for yourself, bringing deep inside and lifting you up is our goal.

I have been specifically guided to create proper sessions, classes, groups, books and tutorials to help you heal, integrate your new Etheric body & connections.  We also teach how to maintain during your Ascension cycles.  These do go in cycles and will have specific patterns of symptoms, feelings, emotions and sensations. We focus upon easy and proper utilizing of your new love connections through my trademarked help:

Four Zone Healing™ & Lifestyle Modality.


Four Zone Healing™
Energy Session

Energy Healing for your Ascension

A one-hour, one on one Session to determine which Zone, you need to focus on for healing, integration, and feeling good. To Balance, physical health and revitalize you. Energy work is done, with you participating so that you learn more.  This will enable you to uplevel, ascend.  Many people start feeling better in the middle of the session. Via Zoom. Receive recordings and recommendations for the following week. $180 ( no refunds)

Friends Taking Selfie

Ascension Coaching

Just Talk to Someone!

A 60-minute Coaching session is best for specific questions, motivation, to assess your next steps and for getting answers.  We help you be accountable for your journey by Intuiting and focusing you on your steps and staying on track.  Recommendations will be made.  We help you get focused and concise so your journey is expedited, easy, and less expensive. (no energy work is done)

Via Zoom (no refunds)

Image by Darius Bashar

Quantum MultiZone™ Session

Multiple-level healing 

The "Grand Opening" this session is excellent to remove those blocks, and emotional body wounds and generally uplevel relationships in your life. Multidimensional, Multilevel healing including physical health ( Ancestral & Lifestyle) on your symptoms.  Open your new Chakras for the Zone you are in ( Head, Heart, Gut, and Repro) Several Sessions (at least 3) are needed to open, seal you, and do the Integration of your New Etheric Light BodyTemplate/Blueprint.

2 sessions, separately are recommended to feel this healing and shift.   Recording, Guidance

and recommendations will be provided. $250 (no refunds)


$20 Release Interpersonal Tensions

How your channels can "expel"unwanted tensions and energies from other people. You will benefit at work, and gradually your own body will do this naturally.  In the video tutorials, learn how the Four Zone Healing modality teaches you to alleviate much Interpersonal Tension from your body. Excellent for your mental, physical and internal health. Calm down faster, stop getting triggered, relief for job tension.  A way to stop people from affecting you.

Screenshot 2022-11-06 125549.png

5D Energy Balancing and Coaching- Live in Person

Energy Healing and Chakra balancing done live in my studio.  Get Relaxed and Guided in a new way. Very similar to a Reiki session but includes multiple levels, and written guidance. I started doing bodywork at age 19 by learning massage, anatomy and physiology.  My gift enables me to intuit the troubled areas, remove blocks and reenergize.  Many people fall into a very calming, and lucide dream state in their session. We leave time for this, plus learning movement to help you.  Meet at my studio on the northwest side of Chicago by appointment. ($200)


House Clearing

Your Home: Do you feel odd energies, hear sounds, see things from the corner of your eye and wonder what it is? Have you had some event in your home, such as a death, or divorce?  Are you the victim of domestic violence abuse?  Has someone been heavily drinking or doing drugs in your home? Your Home should begin to be your Love Nest!  Would you like to eliminate and discard these negative energies to bring harmony and a peaceful loving atmosphere to your Home? Feel safe and Free again! $200

Image by Alexander Grey

 Past Life Zone™ Healing

A clearing of the "Pivotal Life" and situations, and where you must deeply heal.  A gentle, yet gradual re-doing of your energy in your own history to uplevel your life, break the past

& patterns, and remove toxic things/people. You will also dream and more can be revealed that you see to provide you with a full picture and prompt your healing.  Heal, seal, and feel like that burden is off of you.  We recommend 2 sessions to resolve this.  ($200 no refunds)

“Patricia is a great and a truly gifted Healer.  The idea of breaking my body into sections which she calls "zones" made so much sense when we were in the session.  She is very intuitive about guiding you on what you should be doing to help you on your path.  I have had several energy sessions with her and after each session I feel amazing and things shift very quickly to get you to the next level over several days especially if you do what is recommended.  That is key.  I am truly appreciative of her devotion to helping people!"

Alexa Young, CA


Your Go-To Source

Putting together the puzzle of the symptoms you are experiencing and providing answers and solutions is our specialty.  We have a combined 40 years of experience.  We help you on the right track and stay current with your medical plus other healing modalities, in fact we encourage those.  We are here to help as a "living bridge". 

Helping someone get through some of the toughest things in their life is the highest calling we have.  We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; 

Be discerning and open your much higher senses and

become aware of what higher connections, energy and lovelife truly feels like as a real experience through an Intimate connection with your Etheric Body

Rejuvenate and slow down your Aging Process through the Integration of your new Etheric Body Structure

Heal the things from your Past, from this life and ancestries/Past Lives to unblock you

Coach you through the times you feel stuck and confused

To help you deeply tap into your True nature and find a Calling of your Heart for work and joy

Connect you with the Love - within you, and above you

Rediscover the Joy of your Spirit and your well being

Rediscover the Joy of getting to know your Other Half Intimately through your Etheric Body

Prepare you, metaphysically, for a Physical Reunion with your True Other Half

I am here to do just that. Four Zone Healing™ is my creation to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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The next level of your life - its achievable, start now!  



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