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What are the Zones?  For 15 years I have worked with people, in person and online.  The similarities would be there that helped me notice which areas of the body a person was experiencing their wellness issues.  Emotions play a large part, particularly Anger, and stress.  There were noticeable patterns, and I was able to intuit the method by which the person could come through and heal. From this, I noticed there were four distinct zones.  Try the difference that Four Zone Healing modality can make for you in your everyday life.  We do much more than other coaches and teachers.

The Four Zones 

Causal-Mental Subtle Body and High Mind ( Higher Intelligence) 

Involves the systems of the mind: Limbic Memory, sensory, etc. 

Structures: brain, inner glands and tissues 

Chakras: Crown and Throat Chakras. 3 new levels of Crown Chakra 

Emotional Body and Ego subtle Body ( rapidly condensing and causing havoc in people such as anxiety, fears. This is the beginning of the expansion of the Spirit Subtle Body. The Astral subtle body which also is condensing. These areas are being retracted inwards. This involves the “small mind” which is frequently called the Ego Mind. 

Structures: Heart, Lungs, Diaphragm, Spine 

Heart Chakra - 2 new levels 

Minorly affecting the Hara and Sacral Chakras 

Spirit Subtle Body- New base at the Solar plexus and chakra. This is now undergoing major upgrading. 

Structures: Major Inner Organs, Endocrine system, Spine. 

Systems: Digestion, Assimilation, Evacuating waste, Lower Lymph. 

Chakra: Solar Plexus and Hara, minor parts of Sacral 

Base Foundation - formerly the Root Chakra base which is now moving upward toward the Heart. This change is made for the ascending person’s ease in their “day in and day out” living. Structures: Head, legs, ankles feet, hips; the inner areas of the head that affect balance,mobility and structure because there will be new connections made and ancient ones swapped out. Divesting old ancient and sometimes ancestral connections. 

These areas are the zones from which I have created the Four Zone Healing™ modality. My methods incorporate, physical recommendations, intuitive guidance, physical and energetic movement as well as working with the existing chakras and connections to ease into the upgraded levels. Working much like a new installation, and rewiring, as well as coming off line and then rebooting, it begins to feel very natural to the ascending person. 

We are the missing link, for when a person’s medical team is confused or stumped, as well as for other types of energy readers, and healers. We incorporate much in order to obtain as holistic a mind body spirit of the highest degree as possible.

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