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Have a session to feel better now

Ascension and awakenings are happening worldwide....but can seem very strange! Full of aches pains, and symptoms, and medical does their best but do not always know "why", yet we do! We specialize in the Integration of your new light/energy body, the Etheric Body, which is felt but not seen by human eyes.  Receiving soul-level energy for yourself, bringing it deep inside, and lifting you up is our goal. I have been specifically guided to create sessions, classes, groups, books, and tutorials to help you heal, and integrate your new Etheric body & connections.  We also teach how to maintain during your Ascension cycles.  These do go in cycles and will have specific patterns of symptoms, feelings, emotions, and sensations. We focus on easy and proper utilization of your new love connections through my trademarked form of help

Four Zone Healing™ & Lifestyle Modality.



Energy Healing for your Ascension

A one-hour, one on one Session to determine which Zone, you need to focus on for healing, integration, and feeling good. To Balance and revitalize you. Energy work is done, with you participating so that you learn more.  This will enable you to uplevel, ascend, and many people start feeling better in the middle of the session.  Via Zoom, or phone. Receive recordings and recommendations for the following week. $150 ( no refunds)

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Just Talk to Someone!

A 60-minute Coaching session is best for a specific question to assess your next steps and for getting answers.  We help you be accountable for your journey by Intuiting and focusing you on your steps and staying on track.  Recommendations will be made.  We help you get focused and concise so your journey is expedited, easy, and less expensive. Via Zoom

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Multiple-level healing (Psyche, Spirit, Mind, Body)

a One Hour session to address issues that require some deep healing. Examples are drugs/alcohol; traumas; attacks; deep wounds. Energy work is done and you may feel it working for 3 days surrounding your session. (no refunds)

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 Energy Healing

 Multidimensional, Multilevel healing including physical questions ( Ancestral & Lifestyle) on your symptoms.  Guidance

and recommendations will be provided. (no refunds)

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Light Body Integration

Open your new Chakras for the Zones you are in ( Head, Heart, Gut, and Repro) Several Sessions ( at least 3) are needed to open

seal you, and do the Integration

of your New Light Body Template/Blueprint.  Purging will occur as will a Sense of Opening ($190 no refunds)

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 Past Life

A clearing of the "Pivotal Life" and where you must deeply heal.  A gentle, yet gradual re-doing of your energy in your own history to uplevel your life, break the past

& patterns, and remove toxic things/people. You will also dream and more can be revealed that you see to provide you with a full picture and prompt your healing.  Heal, seal, and feel like that burden is off of you.  We recommend 2 sessions to resolve this.  ($200 no refunds)

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$20 Release Interpersonal Tensions

Relieve Interpersonal Tensions

In this mini-tutorial, you will learn an easy way to push off of other people's energies to alleviate much Interpersonal Tension from your body. This will be excellent for your mental, physical and internal health.Taught by Master

Healer Patricia McNeilly

Let us, help to help yourself:

Open your Internal Energies

Balance your Hormones, like stress hormones, cortisol and adrenalin Have better work situations  Calm down faster

Diminish getting triggered

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In Person Healing

My Gift is to work from a very deep and high level and I can feel the other half of you.   This is what baffles people and what doctors cannot account for.  I have been very successful in person to move your energies and bring relief for stuck energy, old injuries and Emotional blocks to the Psyche.  I meet with you in person, and when we schedule, plan to relax for about 1.5 for the session. $180

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House Clearing

Your Home: Do you feel odd energies, hear sounds, see things from the corner of your eye and wonder what it is? Is it some type of Presence? Do you wonder if your house is haunted?  Have you had some event in your home, such as a death, or divorce?  Are you the victim of alcoholic, drug or domestic violence abuse?  Has someone been heavily drinking or doing drugs in your home? Your Home should begin to be your Love Nest!  Would you like to eliminate and discard these negative energies to bring harmony and a peaceful loving atmosphere to your Home? Feel safe and Free again! $200

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Multilevel High Heart Chakra 

The "Grand Opening" this session is excellent to remove those blocks, and emotional body wounds and generally uplevel all relationships in your life. Instruction is given for continuing with this.  As this goes through a minimum of 3 cycles we recommend having 2 of these sessions to begin.  Your High Heart and Chakra system will be connected to the first two levels.( physical life and 5D) and dimensions.   This Session enables you to "go" and move forward will break inertia and feel your divinely guided plan. ($250 no refunds)

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