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Ascension will bring many change to your body and life.  Here we have a great selection of sessions which address all aspects of your Healing, Integration and Journey

Spirit Subtle Body Session

This is an Integration Session for the brand new connection to the 5D Spirit, Higher Mental Emotional and Ego Detachment.  Includes 5D Activation and Integrative Energies. During this Session you will feel good. This in turn enables the necessary integration of that part.  There are several parts connecting the Spirit from the Etheric to the physical Body.  We assist with each step. Issues that will be improved include: Family issues, breakups, divorce, starting or thinking of a business, Ego issues, being affected by narcissists.  Suggestions will be made for your ease in the week following the session. Recommended to plan for at least 3-4 sessions (spaced out 2 weeks apart).  Energy work is done with Instructions for the next 3 days afterwards. 

$190 for 60min
No refunds.

Ascension Coaching

Ascension Coaching is needed on your Ascension Journey.  My coaches and I will help make sense and get you on track.  We are familiar with all the major and minor cycles of Ascension, healing and what is best for you.  This helps you focus, be concise and get through it faster.  We take your health, mental wellness and spiritual health seriously. Talk to people who understand you and your journey. 

$80 for 45 min
(no refunds)
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Psyche Subtle Body

The Psyche Subtle Body is the part of you , in which much of the deep trauma is embedded.  Are there deeper issues that are blocking you?  Issues such as Abandonment, Inner child, deep loss, phobias, suicidal feelings, sexual traumas (incest, rape), Abortions/Grief of Miscarriage & injuries. Intended to be complementary to "Talk therapy", medical and psychological care. In this session we focus upon Childhood, and wounds originating from your childhood.  Everyone is unique and plus you have a connection to your Self plus your true  Love.  Healing topics can include: abandonment, exploited child, abuse, domestic violence, punishments, injuries endured.  You may have been subjected to things in your childhood. We address the issues with you in the session. May require more than one session.

$200 for 60 min
(no refunds)

5D Chakra Marma Point Opening

This 5D Chakra & Marma Points Session focuses upon blocked connections, at the Marma and Chakras within that affect your 5D connections to support your relationships and you . It will assist other relationships with Families, Children, Ex Spouses, or soon to be ex's.  This is online, or in my studio.  This includes a 6D lucid connection & activation ( in 3 days later when you follow the instructions)

$250 for 60min
 No Refunds.

Four Zone Energy Healing - In Person

In Person Session. Four Zone Healing which takes you beyond Reiki. We will work with Energy work for your Subtle Bodies.  Balancing of your Chakras, Marmas and Alchemy points for what is needed.  You will also learn during your session which empowers You! Studio located in Park Ridge and NW side of Chicago (please bring or wear some old clothing as I will apply Essential Oils)  

$190 for 60min
No refunds.
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